Support for adoptive parents by Jenny Perkel

This life can be very hard when we try to walk its path alone and being a parent is so much easier when you are able to share the experience with other parents. That’s partly why I’m such a fan of ante-natal classes, mother-baby groups, and other ways in which parents are able to connect and share the highs and the lows of parenting with one another. Like their parents, children also need one another and they should not live alone in a world without other kids.

Whilst adoptive parents experience the usual challenges of parenthood, they are also faced with additional complexities around adoption itself, such as…

What to tell your child about being adopted?

How and when to tell her?

How to handle the hurtful responses of other people?

What information to give your adoptive child about her biological parents?

How to handle it if she wants to meet her biological mother?

How does being adopted affect a child emotionally?

These are some examples of the kinds of questions you might have as an adoptive parent.

Terri Lailvaux is an adoptive mom and the author of a children’s book about adoption called The Greatest Gift, also available in Afrikaans, Xhosa, German, Italian and French. Terri is a qualified counsellor who runs discussion groups and counselling for adoptive parents and people who may be interested in adoption. Terri’s passion is driven by her knowledge that adoption can be a very lonely and terrifying experience. Her aim is to open herself and her connections up and reach out to people who feel alone and don’t know where to turn. She is well equipped to answer some of your questions about adoption and to offer guidance and support when you need it.

If you are thinking of adopting a child or if you are an adoptive parent, don’t try to do it alone. You and your child may benefit from making contact with Terri, and also from being connected with other adoptive families. Mutual support, sharing and basic human connectedness really helps when it comes to the survival of parenthood.

This was taken from Jenny’s website