Opening a new door…


Infertile.  Death.   Retrenched.  Loss.

Life’s curve balls can seem like a sentence in themselves. 

They are really tough places to journey through, but trials and challenges also offer unexpected gifts as they force us to reflect, and to question and wrestle and to go deeper.  Life doesn’t make sense and we feel out of control, and that urges us to seek out and listen to God…and slowly we are redefined, and our eyes are opened to new life and new doors we may never have discovered or considered opening if a door in life hadn’t closed.


After my February retrenchment I was pondering ‘where to from here?’, and I sensed God urging me to step out in faith in a new direction – and then a friend tagged me on Angela’s 1st April 2016 blog post and encouraged me to consider taking over Adoptmom, and after much prayer and discussions with my hubby I contacted Angela to introduce myself and discuss the opportunity. 

And so I find myself stepping out in faith, excited and a bit nervous too, and on the doorstep of a new door. 

So who am I, and why am I choosing to open this Adoptmom door?


My hubby Stephen and I have been married for 17 years.  We have travelled the road of infertility, and we chose the journey of adoption.  We have two children that God gifted to us through adoption, our daughter Rebecca who is 9 years old and our son Jesse who is 4 years old.   We also suffered an adoption loss and lost a little boy, who very sadly passed away before we could hold him in our arms.

Adoption is profound and special. It has allowed us to be a Mom and Dad, and it has brought the most amazing blessings as we parent our children, and lots of parenting and adoption related challenges too. The journey of adoption is complex in process and in the life journey, and in the emotions for all concerned – the child, adoptive and birth families.  I have had the honour of starting and being involved in an adoption support group since 2005, and the support and guidance and prayers of others has made and continues to make our adoption journey easier to travel.  

And that’s why I’m opening the Adoptmom door – it’s an amazing opportunity to ‘extend my boundaries’ in providing adoption related support to others.

Looking forward to connecting with you.