I’m moving on…

bird-fly-greek-quotes-move-on-Favim_com-705714So the time has come where I am handing over the reins of Adoptmom to someone else.  I have really enjoyed my journey and learned so much, but the time to move on is now.

I am handing Adoptmom over into the capable hands of Mandy Hain, an amazing adoptive mom from Gauteng.  She is every bit as passionate and excited as both Terri and I were about Adoptmom.  She is friendly, bubbly, very approachable – the perfect person for the job!  I am sure she will be introducing herself very soon, she just needs to find her feet and sift through the organised chaos I have left her :)



My Adoptmom journey has been a very special time of my life.  Adoptmom has helped me gain many friend and so much experience and knowledge.  It has made my own adoption journey so much easier.  To all those I have had the privilege to meet, thank you!

Angela xxx